Recovery Advocacy

The papers posted below were not developed as part of the Behavioral Health Management Recovery project, but are included here because the ideas in these papers are very congruent with the vision of creating recovery-oriented systems of care for those suffering from behavioral health disorders. The papers are posted on the BHRM site as a service to our readers.

Readers wishing additional information on recovery might wish to explore the following web sites:,, and

Recovery Advocacy Papers and Resources

Radical Recovery

William L. White, MA (2004)

Treatment Works

William L. White, MA (2004)

Recovery Management and People of Color

William L White, MA and Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC (February 2004)

Recovery: The Next Frontier

William L. White, M.A. (January 2004)

An Addiction Recovery Glossary

William L. White, M.A. (2002)

Recovery as a Heroic Journey

William L. White, M.A. (2001)

HISTORY CORNER - Intervention Keeley Style

William L. White, M.A. (2001)

All in the Family: Addiction, Recovery, Advocacy

William L. White, M.A. and Bob Savage, Director of the Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (2003)