Dual Diagnosis Guidelines

This page provides documents which detail the BHRM suggested guidelines for Dual Diagnosis treatment.

Service Planning Guidelines: Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Disorders

Ken Minkoff, MD, Private Practice, Harvard University (March 2001)

Motivational Enhancement for Dually Diagnosed Consumers

Daniel D. Squires, M.S. and Theresa B. Moyers, Ph.D., University of New Mexico (October 2001)

Psychopharmacology Algorithm Project, Harvard Medical School

David Osser, M.D.

BHRM Staff Note: The Psychopharmacology Algorithm Project includes a guideline for pharmacotherapy of anxiety in patients with a history of chemical abuse or addiction.

Provision of Protective Payee Status (RP Guide)

Dan Luchins, M.D. and David L. Roberts, M.A. and Patricia Hanrahan, Ph.D., University of Chicago (September 2001)

Treatment of PTSD and Substance Abuse

Lisa M Najauits, Ph.D., McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School (October 2002)