ePocrates RX(TM) is a free medication interaction program that can be downloaded to a Palm handheld device. If you are a health professional with a personal digital assistant (PDA) you may find ePocrates RX helpful in your work with medications. ePocrates RX is a clinical handheld application with pertinent, everyday, point-of-care information.

The software is updated continually and can easily be updated into the handheld device by connecting to a computer periodically. Drug specific information includes brand and generic name, available dosage forms, dosing specific to diagnosis (adult and pediatric), contraindications or cautions, drug interactions, adverse reactions, and packaging/cost information. It will allow a clinician to enter multiple medications (up to 30) and will report any drug interactions with an explanation.

To use this product you need a personal computer, Internet access, a Palm OS handheld device with at least 1.3 free MB of memory. The best part of this package is that it is currently free and can be downloaded from the following site: www.epocrates.com.

Chris Gillette, PharmD, Fayette Companies